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Join the Application Developers Alliance as a Startup Member to engage with partners and peers, build brand credibility, and promote your company's interests and needs. In lieu of monetary dues, your company will provide the Alliance with valuable insights and information to be used as a resource to better serve, support, and educate the industry on the startup community. Membership is a two-year term and includes a number of benefits. 

Startup Membership Benefits

Membership is a valuable investment that delivers tangible benefits, as well as strategic, long-term advantages. As a startup member, the Alliance is committed to promoting your company's success and providing you with useful resources and valuable opportunities. 

Startup Member Directory

The Alliance Startup Members are early-stage companies that span across industries and technologies. The diversity of the Alliance membership provides value to the entirety of the industry through our programs, activities, and products.

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If you have any questions regarding your membership with the Alliance and would like to set-up a call/meeting to discuss, please contact us. You can fill out an inquiry form or contact the Membership team directly at Membership@AppAlliance.org

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