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Participate on Standing Committees 

The Alliance Standing Committees are comprised of members working to address key issues, develop solutions, and deliver products to support innovation and industry growth. The work done by each Committee helps the Alliance drive initiatives and better support member service and growth within the industry.

Startup Member Benefit

  • Eligible for participation on all standing committees. 


Advise the Alliance on criteria for training and testing programs. The Committee will help developers improve their skills and career planning, enable companies to hire better trained developers, and identify opportunities and obstacles throughout the industry. Initial product planning includes: 

  • Create a jobs board.
  • Build and launch certification programs.
  • Produce curriculum and continuing education materials.
  • Establish core competency testing.

Participants of the Committee will: 

  • Identify opportunities to create programs that will assist developers in meeting the growing needs of the industry.
  • Develop programs and services that will provide tools and resources for companies hire developers. 
  • Evaluate the quality, education, and training of the developer workforce.
  • Advise the Alliance on the “Developer Workforce Initiative” and its efforts to educate and support software developers.


Provide helpful marketing strategies for developers to acquire new users and tips, tools, and best practices for user growth. 


Provide educational content and guidance on best practices to make money through apps using advertising and other monetization methods.