Connected Apps IOT - Brussels

  • Are you a future-proof app developer? Then this is a not to miss event.
  • Android and iOS - Learn how you can use current knowledge of developing on mobile platforms to start building products for connected devices on platforms, connected cars, IoT kits and  Beacons. Get hands on advice from experts with hardware solutions.
  • Connected Cars, Health and Home - Get hands on advice from experts, and hear from  industry leaders on how you can develop for specific verticals.
  • Hands on Demos - See demos from companies and developers who are already building connected products, and get the chance to try their products out for yourself.

Date: 15 October 2015, from 2:00PM to 6.30pm
Location: Quai de l'Industrie 170, 1070 Anderlecht, Brussels, Belgium



14:00 - Connected Apps with iOS

Hear from an expert in developing connected apps through iOS. Understand the similarities with coding a traditional iOS app, the challenges that you are likely to encounter, and the tips and tricks that will allow you to develop great connected products.

14:20 - Developing for IOT with Android

Learn more about developing for IOT using Android, and get practical advice for beginning the development journey in connected devices. This presentation will give an overview of the tools available to developers, tips on how to overcome the most common challenges, and 

14:40 - Erasmus present the TETRA P-wearable project feedback

Expert Sessions - Hands on breakout sessions

Attendees will move between three different spaces, learning about developing for the home, healthcare and vehicles 

15:00 - Workshop One: SmartLiving IoT Workshop

SmartLiving IoT Workshop - SmartLiving is an end-to-end IoT solution for enthusiasts, developers and makers. In this workshop you'll discover how you can allow devices (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and many others) to talk to each other, using sensors and actuators, along with connected services, to build your own Smart device.


Tom collins, Co-founder, SmartLiving


15:00 (parallel)- Workshop Two: Android Auto Demo by Novoda

15:00 (parallel)- Workshop Three: Working Harald, the full service beacon by Inthepocket

16:30 - Pitch Sessions

Following the hands-on expert sessions, There will be a speed pitch session alongside the networking drinks. 10 companies will be pitching their connected app products for a chance to win first prize, and share their experiences and products with the developers in attendance. 

17:30 - Networking Drinks

Join us afterwards to have a drink, get the opportunity to experiment with some of the products that were demo'ed earlier in the day, and speak with the expert speakers and the developers in attendance. Beer, wine and appetisers will be served. 



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