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Join the Application Developers Alliance to engage with the developer community and like-minded companies so you can better understand the unique needs of the developer workforce and contribute to initiatives that align with your business objectives. As a member, your company will provide value to the entirety of the industry and contribute to Alliance programs and activities including, professional development, research and insights, business development, public policy and industry advocacy.  Corporate Members pay annual membership dues and receive a number of benefits. 


Member Benefits  

Membership is a valuable investment that delivers tangible benefits, as well as strategic, long-term advantages. As a corporate member, the Alliance has created opportunities for your company to gain value, optimize engagement, and contribute as leaders in the industry.  


Member Benefits include: 

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Corporate Member Directory

The hundreds of companies that are members span across industries and technologies, and range in size and expertise. The diversity of the Alliance corporate membership provides value to the entirety of the industry through our programs, activities, and products.

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Membership Levels 

The Alliance offers four levels of membership: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Standard.  Membership levels are designed to deliver the best value for your company's brand, budget, and resources. Companies that are invested in developers to build innovative software, products, and platforms are invited to apply for corporate membership. 

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Brochure includes: 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about membership, you can always reach out to the Membership team or visit our FAQ section. 

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If you have any questions regarding your membership with the Alliance and would like to set-up a call/meeting to discuss, please contact us. You can fill out an inquiry form or contact the Membership team directly. 

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Membership Team Contact info: 

Laura Bolos
Vice President of Membership & Marketing

Mark Drapeau
Sr. Director of Membership, North America

Beverley Eve
Director of Membership & Marketing, EMEA