Developer Insights Report 2015

The Application Developers Alliance Developer Insights Report: A Global Survey of Today's Developer shows an increasingly diverse workforce dealing with the rapidly changing and complex demands of an evolving industry.

The report, produced in partnership with IDC, provides Alliance members valuable analysis of the changing nature of the software development industry, what developers are working on, working with, and what they need to succeed.

The Developers Insights Report is based on an extensive global survey of more than 850 software developers from 50 countries working across industries, platforms, and technologies.

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Today‚Äôs Polyglot Programmer: 88 percent of developers report using more than one programming language in the last year, with 18 percent using more than 5 languages.


Why Software Projects Fail: The reason developers most cited for failure was changing or poorly documented requirements (48 percent), followed by a lack of funding and resources (40 percent).

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Increased Female Participation: Among the newer developers (1-5 years) nearly 30% are female, and 42% of the very newest developers are female.

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