The Internet of Me: How Wearable Tech is Changing IoT Whitepaper

With more than 35 million connected wearable devices in use by the end of 2014, developers are on the cusp of a technological point-of-no-return, and opportunities for innovation are riper than ever. As the connected world spills over into an ever-connected personal lifestyle, the “Internet of Me” will continue to evolve at a rapid pace. The Application Developers Alliance presents a new installment in the Internet of Things series, The Internet of Me: How Wearable Tech is Changing the Internet of Things, with the hopes of placing developers ahead of the industry curve.

The following whitepaper provides an in-depth analysis into:

  • Utilizing the limitless potential of IoT-enabled wearable devices

  • Capitalizing on the enduring power of cross-industry collaboration

  • Emphasizing the critical value in developing for the human experience

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Beerside Chat: 
Industry Leaders Explore Wearable Innovation

Watch along as industry experts enjoy a casual, lively conversation about the wearable ecosystem. Learn from their debate on where the technology is currently, where it’s headed, and key insights for developers. This discussion features Redg Snodgrass (Wearable World), Phil Easter (American Airlines), Sam Fankuchen (Applico), Hans Haenlein (Ericsson) and Jake Ward (Apps Alliance).

"Think Outside of Fitness. What's the Next Big Thing?": Insights From Wearable Influencer Patrick Henshaw

Over 75% of consumers with wearable devices stop using them within 6 months. The challenge for developers is to leverage actionable data to create apps that are seamlessly integrated into everyday life. In this interview, Patrick Henshaw of Strap, shares his wealth of knowledge and urges developers to "identify an exact use case you want to solve, then get your hands dirty. Get into some code and figure out what that next killer app is going to be.”

Data Driving Development: Advice on Data Protection and Privacy from Damien Patton of Banjo

Wearables, by design, join users in the most intimate moments of life. How can developers anticipate the protection of user experience and the data collected throughout the process? Industry veteran Damien Patton of Banjo, provides critical advice to developers on using data privacy and disposal as the fundamental building block for creating scalable apps and protecting end users.

Infinite Data, Infinite Possibilities: Roger Chandler of Intel Explores IoT Ecosystem & Wearables

With the explosion of APIs available to developers, limitless data is poised to gain insights and create solutions to problems we aren't even aware of currently. In such an incredibly exciting time for development, Intel is at the forefront of bringing technology and resources to developers. In this interview, Roger Chandler of Intel explores opportunities and how to lower the barriers of entry for development.

Designing for Natural Interaction with IoT Devices: 
Handwriting Recognition in Wearable Applications

Creating a seamless user experience is essential for wearable application success. Leveraging tools to implement gesture-centric interfaces allows users to make the most of limited surfaces, such as the watch. View this interview to hear Paddy Padmanabhan, CEO of MyScript, discuss the limitless uses of handwriting recognition and the various applications across IoT platforms. 

Wearables for Industrial Use: Sony Mobile on
Improving Efficiency Through Data and Form Factor

Sony Mobile is at the forefront of wearable technology, recently announcing open APIs to their LifeLog platform where developers can access data gathered from SmartWear devices. Magnus Ekenheim explains that the power is in recombining datasets to develop for specific use cases. The industrial sector is abundant in opportunities for developers with the SmartEyeglass augmented reality headset used to exemplify how wearables are solving real problems.

Connecting the Dots...and the Data: Insights on Cross-Platform App Dev from an Emerging IoT Company

Mojio is a disruptive IoT company in the connected car space with a device that provides almost any car with unparalleled insights into what’s happening under the hood, in surrounding environments, and eventually your home, wearables, or any connected device. Offering an open API for the platform, Jay Giraud, Mojio’s Founder & CEO, states “we haven’t even scratched the surfaces for what apps are capable of”. Hear his insights on the limitless opportunities for IoT development.


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