4 Takeaways from the San Francisco App Strategy Workshop

At the end of August, the Apps Alliance team met in San Francisco for our App Strategy Workshop. Panelists discussed how app developers can break into the market, monetize their apps without damaging the user's experience, and monetize their apps in international markets. With more than 250 attendees, it's safe to say the workshop was a hit!


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Mobile Payments: An Infographic About How Consumers Use Mobile Payments

Our Mobile Payments Working Group released an infographic about how consumers use mobile payments in their apps. The infographic is intended to help developers understand how payment tools can make the user experience more convenient and enjoyable and can lead to higher retention and increased revenue.

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Law Students in Apps Alliance Program Scare Away Patent Trolls, Help Startup Continue to Innovate

Software patent litigation can cost companies millions of dollars that could otherwise be used for hiring new employees, creating new services and products, and ultimately helping grow the U.S. economy.  

Due to help from the Brooklyn Law Incubator and Policy (BLIP) Clinic, a participating school in The Law School Patent Troll Defense Network administered by the Application Developers Alliance, 911 Notify dropped the lawsuit.

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