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Access to Industry Research and Insights

The Application Developers Alliance research and insights products contain quantitative and qualitative analysis of developer needs, market trends, and emerging technologies. 

Corporate Member Benefits

  • Access to research products and findings, commensurate with membership level.
  • Opportunities to contribute data and expertise to research as appropriate and applicable.

2016 Research and Insights Products

One (1) Annual Industry Report (released beginning of Q4)
The annual report serves as a “State of the Union” address for the developer community, benchmarking key trends and offering insight into what is on the horizon. 

Two (2) Semi-Annual Start-up Snapshots
Based on the results from one of four surveys administered to Alliance start-up members, these snapshots will update trends from the previous snapshot as well as examine new and rotating topics that impact the start-up community. 

Four (4) Quarterly Reports
A topical deep-dive that incorporates quantitative, qualitative, and where applicable analytic data to present a comprehensive overview of a particular topic.

Twelve (12) Monthly Reports (released every 3-5 weeks)
Small scale projects that reflect the diversity and flexibility of research, allowing the Alliance to be nimble and reactive to current events and the latest trends and touch upon niche topics and audiences while still generating data-driven reports with global relevance. Two ongoing features include: 

  • Developer snapshot: Results of the on-boarding developer survey every three months.
  • Monthly Report: Results of topical, monthly surveys.