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FinTech - The Biggest Disruptor to Finance since Digitization: The Application Developers Alliance spoke with industry experts across a range of disciplines from the legal side, innovative incubator programmes and some of the brightest FinTech entrepreneurs. This report brings you crucial insights on three main topics: Raising Finance, Impact of Regulation and Disruption to Banking.



Enterprise Developers Report: Investment in Enterprise Developers is the Best Risk Management System explores what developers that work within companies are doing and what they need to succeed. Developers are a growing and increasingly essential workforce more deeply integrated into areas of business, operations, and product development than ever imagined.


10 Tips for App Success: Every app begins with a problem, an idea. But taking your app from idea to iteration involves more than just code. In this guide, the Alliance pulled together 10 tips to make your app successful. All tips were shared at our San Francisco App Strategy Workshop during the panel, "Build It, Test It, Ship It! The Art of Building Mobile Apps.


From Startups to Stars: From the Los Angeles App Strategy Workshop, successful LA-based mobile startup founders - from MEDL Mobile, Mobile Deluxe, PathSense, and Scopely - share their stories and key lessons they learned along the way.