About the Developers Alliance

Software developers are building a better future and moving our world forward. Software powered innovation is at the heart of breakthroughs and advancements; from smarter homes and healthcare to faster banking and e-commerce, from IoT Innovations to more efficient factories and industrial production. The developer workforce builds products and creates jobs while delivering societal and economic value.

The Developers Alliance serves and supports the workforce that makes this better world possible. We are the world’s leading advocate for software developers and the companies invested in their success. Alliance members include industry leaders in consumer, enterprise, industrial, and emerging software, and a global network of more than 75,000 developers.


Our Mission

Advocate on behalf of developers, support the industry’s continued growth, and promote innovation.


Our Policy Principles 

To advocate for our members, developers, and the industry’s continued growth:

  • We represent the interests of developers everywhere on industry and policy issues;
  • We are an advocate for innovation and job growth;
  • We encourage policies that lead to a greater number of well-trained developers to provide robust, secure products. 
  • We pursue the reduction of barriers to innovation while respecting consumer needs and promoting consumer trust; and
  • We recognize the complexities of the global marketplace and its impact on developers internationally.