Developer Alliance committees are comprised of appointed Alliance members gathered to address key issues, develop solutions, and deliver products to support innovation and industry growth.  

Policy Steering Committees

The Policy Steering Committees participants represent the diversity of the industry and Alliance membership to ensure our agenda is well-informed, balanced, and effective. The U.S. and European committees shape and set the policy agenda in support of the Alliance’s objectives in their respective regions.

Policy Steering Committees are responsible for the:

  • Identification of policy topics and potential issues
  • Evaluation of policy objectives, activities, and initiatives
  • Alignment of policy related activities and programs with the needs and interests of the Alliance membership and the industry


U.S. Policy Steering Committee

Members of the U.S. Policy Steering Committee oversee the Alliance policy agenda at the local, state, and federal level and work to create a legislative and regulatory environment that promotes innovation.

The U.S. Policy Steering Committee:

  • Educates Members of Congress, the Administration, and State Government on the importance of software innovation, the developer workforce, and the complexity of new generation markets and technologies
  • Engages federal regulators with direct oversight and influence over the software development industry, including but not limited to the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission
  • Support the understanding and promotion of emerging technologies within Federal Departments (FDA, DOE, PTO, DOT, etc.,)

U.S. Policy Steering Committee Members include:

Google, Comcast, Intel, Pandora, Spotify, Ericsson, Facebook, AT&T, Apkudo, TMSoft, Mobile Deluxe


European Policy Steering Committee

The European Policy Steering Committee promotes the Developer’s Alliance policy agenda within the European Union government (Parliament, Commission, and Council) and, as appropriate at the local level within member states.

The European Policy Steering Committee:

  • Works with Members of the European Parliament as an advocate for European small businesses and the growing developer workforce
  • Support the European Commission’s various directorates-general with interest and oversight of the technology sector and software dependent industries
  • Engage with European state governments, EU and non-EU, as appropriate to reduce potential threats to innovation or unintended regulatory consequences on emerging technologies and industries.

European Policy Steering Committee Members include:

Google, Intel, Spotify, Ericsson, Facebook, Mobile Deluxe