Rok Zorko

VP of Product Development


"The Alliance is an exceptional group of forward-thinking entrepreneurs and tech companies,” said Alessandro Traverso, COO, Outfit7. “As the app industry continues to expand, it’s increasingly important to connect with other companies in support of that growth."

Rok studied history and classical philology at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana.

From 2002-2009 he worked at the Slovenian search engine and portal as editor in chief. After the search engine was sold in 2009, he and 6 other colleagues co-founded Outfit7.

In 2010 Outfit7 released Talking Tom, which quickly became a worldwide success. The charismatic cat is now instantly recognized the world over and Outfit7 was the first company to reach 300 million downloads within 19 months.

Rok currently heads product development, providing vision and direction for planning, building, and maintaining large-scale apps and games.