About the Innovators Policy Council

Developers Alliance members share a common interest in the software developer workforce and public policies that promote innovation. The policy goals of software powered companies large and small are closely aligned, but the disparity in resources often limits access and influence.

The Developers Alliance Innovators Policy Council (IPC) ensures companies of every size, interest, and industry have a voice in policy discussions and access to policymakers at every level of government.  The IPC is a global network of companies, startups, and innovators representing more than 35 countries and all fifty states. Participating companies get the benefit of advocacy without the burden of valuable time or resources.



How it Works

Innovators Policy Council participants opt-in to the network, share some information about their businesses and their policy interests (i.e. data, privacy, competition, etc.,) and are assigned to issue groups based on their interest and experience. Each IPC company is invited to follow along and contribute to issue discussions between fellow member companies and Alliance staff through the IPC #Slack channel. These discussions aren't moderated or censored, but a Chair and Vice Chair will help prioritize issues and organize engagement.

When an issue requires the attention of the Alliance, IPC participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences in a number of ways, including media engagement, events, and meetings with policymakers - supported by Alliance staff and tools. Our goal is to give smaller companies the benefit of advocacy without the burden of valuable time and resources.

The U.S. and European IPC leadership and a startup member from each region also serve on their respective Policy Steering Committees to ensure our policy agenda and objectives serve the best interests of smaller companies and our members.


Our membership includes more than 100 small companies and a global developer network of nearly 75,000. Associate and Startup Members are eligible and encouraged to actively participate in the Innovators Policy Council.


Join the Innovators Policy Council

To join the IPC you must already be an Alliance Associate or Startup Member.